Would you ever be a surrogate?

I was watching an episode of "One Born every Minute" on TLC and there was a surrogate mother.  It was amazing to see her attitude through it all and the parents too.  

In some countries it is illegal to do this, but in the USA there are women who will have a baby for you and get a huge paycheck.  I was shocked when I googled surrogate mother and the first two things that popped up showed how much money you could make:  "Earn $27,500-$45,000!"  WOW!!  THAT IS LIKE A NICE FULL TIME JOB!  I WONDER IF IT IS TAX FREE? 

I am on the fence on this.  I am unsure if I think couples who are desperate to have kids should go the route of surrogate, when adoption is such a beautiful gift to a child.  In the episode I watched the eggs were from a donor (not the surrogate and not the mother) but the sperm was from dad so it was his baby.  They really really wanted to have a baby with some of their DNA. 

I am unsure if I would be able to carry a baby inside of me knowing I would be giving him to someone else.  I guess it is a bit different when your DNA n eggs are not a part of the baby making process.  Maybe I would feel differently if I was the one who was not able to get pregnant.    

I do have to admit that a big payday at the end does seem mighty nice, but what if labor was difficult, what if there were complications, what if I got attached to the baby, and what if the parents were not who I thought they were.  Would I always wonder about that child?  Would the family keep me involved with letters and pictures?  As a mother and a wife it would be impossible to be a surrogate at this time in my life.  I dont think my hubby would be to thrilled to have a pregnant wife knowing he would not have the baby around at the end and it would not be fair to my kids for me to not be feeling well for 9 months.  

So would any of you consider being a surrogate?  To a stranger or to someone you know?

I do know that every baby is a GIFT and MIRACLE from GOD!    


Morgueangel said…
Going right in Las Vegas/CA was $60-65K. But you had to have your own insurance (would be reimbursed for it later though).
I would do it-but only for someone I know. I had a friend in college that was a surragate for her sister and brother-in-law. She was so positive about the experience. If my family (or dear friends) needed someone to do it..I would do it.
I don't think I could go through an agency though. That seems a bit much for all parties involved.
So if you did it for someone you know/love/family how much would you charge them??
Bethe77 said…
That is a tough question. I once thought about many years ago. But I think I would get to attached to the baby. But if I was guarnteed I wouldnt be attached to baby and that I would ahve somewhat of invovlement and guarntees in place I might consider it. lot of problities there. But I think if the circumstances where right i might. But... I keep lending towards no too. I also bleive there is a reason God does the things He does. Just like you said all babies are a miracle and a gift. Not all popel are cut out to be partents either. So... I tend to thnk WOW!!! Good question.

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