Zucchini Pizza

Is your mouth watering from that picture?   I hope so because mine is and I know I have leftovers in the fridge and as I type this I am tempted to sneak in the kitchen and warm more up.   I mean it might be close to 10 p.m but its mainly veggies so no big deal, right? 

I was blessed my a co-worker who brought some huge zucchini's into work to share.  She grew some huge ones and I was excited to try a new recipe after another co-worker said "mini zucchini piazzas!"   

So let me share how easy this was:

1. slice the zucchini
2. melt some butter and garlic salt and put on sliced zucchini
3. back at 375* for 5 minutes
4. take out of oven and put on pizza toppings (I used sauce, onion,peppers, mushroom, and cheese.)
5. Bake at 375* for 20-30 minutes.   

EASY!   I would do a few things different after doing it that way.   First I would grab some paper towels and try to soak some of the natural zucchini juices since they were very runny, and I would consider grilling them rather then baking.  Either way they were still delicious and  I plan on making more.