Easter Traditions?

I am curious... Does your family have any neat Easter Traditions?  

I am looking for some new traditions to do with my family.  This year we are doing a simple Easter with just the four of us.  Our family lives far away so with GAS prices and a new born we have decided to stay home. 

On Sunday we will head to church for service and a Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  :) I have decided that we are going to eat ribs, bake beans, corn bread, steak fries, and ice cream.  (Non traditional Easter meal)  

We already decorated Easter Eggs!  Tomorrow evening we will be heading out to a Good Friday Meal with some people from church.  I am looking forward to the evening.  :) Good God, Good Friends, and I am sure Good food!  :) 

So what do you do for Easter.  How do you keep Christ in the center.  How do you teach your young children about the Cross and resurrection?   I saw a cute idea for Resurrection Rolls... they seem super neat!  Click HERE to see it 


Unknown said…
I love the idea of resurrection rolls. Might have to try those out.

We go to a larger church, so there are 2 Easter Sunday services, so we help in the nursery with the babies at the first service, and then attend the later service.

Typically, we dye eggs (tons of them) the night before Easter, so that when we go to church the next day, our boys are all stained from the the dye.

Our family all piles into our house for an early dinner, Ham, Smoked Salmon, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Pretzel salad, the whole nine yards......Our family has grown by leaps and bounds, and we're so fortunate that everyone (inlaws, and others) get along.

I think this year we'll have close to 30 people for Easter dinner!

Hope your friday is Awesome.
Unknown said…
I just did a post for resurrection rolls this morning. We will go to church in the morning then come home to do the bunny Easter things. But the entire day will be continuously reminded of our savior and teaching our 4 kids the real reason is not because a bunny hops around leaving eggs and baskets.

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