Do you think??

Do you think that one day we will find a cure for cancer?  Diabetes?  Alzheimer's?  ETC ETC?

If you think so, which cure will come first?

I pick Cancer to be cured... more detailed I pray that Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia will be cured.  My mom passed away from it in October of 2002.  I really miss her and have been thinking about her a lot.  I keep thinking about what she would say to me after having baby boy.  Would she give him a nickname? What would she have said to me?

So who do you know that has/had any of these crummy diseases?


Karen Mortensen said…
I know that someday things will be cured. The only question is when and how. I feel one of these days it will all come together.
My father passed away from bladder cancer. It was awful. I think about him like you think about your mother.
My mom had breast cancer but she survived!!!
♥ Miss Tea said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, any diseases that are life threatening are terrible, i wish someday SOON they will find the cures for all those diseases but if we had to choose which comes first, i have to agree with you.

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Susan. @
DramaMama said…
My brother is currently suffering from Crohn's, my grandfather had dementia, and my FIL passed away from pancreatic cancer. I also count suicide as a disease, and I have lost my uncle to that. Which do I think will be cured first...hmm...that's a tough one. I think they will find a lot more about diabetes and get to cure it first. Personally, I pray that more people would learn about the causes, not just the cures. So many things can be at least helped by changing some of our habits and lifestyle choices. Maybe not cured, but helped...the coolest thing of all is that when we get to heaven, all of us will be restored from whatever ailments and we'll be dancing w/Jesus!
YES, Heaven will be free from all this pain!
NANCY said…
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J. said…
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I pick cancer as well. I am sorry for you loss. My father died from a metastasized stomach cancer of '04. It is a painful thing to have to go through, and him not being there for my wedding, or seeing me have children is heart breaking. Through all of the pain, I hold on to the thought that he is looking down from heaven and proud of my beautiful life!

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