Buttons pushed... to tears

So I know my daughter has been adjusting to sharing attention with her 3 week old brother.   Tonight was a very rough night for my hubby and myself.

IT was time to get ready for bed and my daughter just got an attitude!  She was not listening and she first starting crying because she was not able to finish watching her movie.  Then she was also mad because she said she needed a night snack because she thinks a smoothie is a drink and not a snack.  AFter finally getting her ready for bed she told me she had bad dreams and wanted her little tent that is over bed off.  After we took it off she lost it because she said she did not want it off.  BACK N FORTH ROUND N ROUND we went.

We did not let her win the battle but I sure felt terrible and started crying tonight!  I love my daughter so much but I will not tolerate her being rude and disobedient or even playing mind games.

Anyone have any motivation for me?


Katie said…
I know the bad nights are BAD, and you can feel like giving up. I have so been there! It sounds like you are being consistent though and I have found that to be key.
I also repeat Philippians 4:13 to myself when I am really struggling.
Unknown said…
I hate nights like that. We have them regularly...just stick to your guns. A friend told me that when our kids are small we(the parents) have to win at all costs....I so agree, I would rather have rough nights with toddlers and set boundaries, than deal with teenagers that have had no limits.

Good job mama!
Thanks Ladies! It is hard but I will keep staying consistent!

I LOVE PHIL. 4:13- I say it all the time! :)
Katie said…
I hope you are having a better night tonight. Blessings!
Yes, tonight is much much better! :)

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