100th Day of School

It's official, you are now 100 days smarter!   It is so fun getting the kids excited about their learning.   I got to be all the teacher's favorites as I gave many teachers different 100th Day of School supplies to them from Oriental Trading!  They even thanked me during a staff meeting...I sure was thankful for this blog at that moment!  

I gave the kindergarteners some buttons, pencils, and 100 Bingo Dotters, as well as the 100 pattern maker.  First grade got "It's all about 100" keychains and frisbees!2nd graders got 100-day puzzles, and 100 find and seek posters. 

The fun was had by all!  My favorite thing was that the puzzles were not all the same.  They had different colors so the kids loved it!   I also had fun looking at the seek and find page and it was a fun little activity for the kids!