What are reborn dolls and why are they so popular?

As a parent, you probably know a lot about dolls and toys. It is a completely new world that opens once you get a child. Suddenly, you will know all the manufacturers and product types out there.

However, there is one product that is especially intriguing.

I am talking about reborn dolls.

So what are reborn baby dolls and why are they so popular among some people?

Reborn dolls as a toy

When people tell you about some great doll, the first thing that comes to your mind “Hey, this is something I might consider buying for my baby girl”. In case of reborn dolls, this isn’t true.

Although reborn dolls are dolls per se, they are much more different from your traditional products. These items can be really expensive and they are highly collectible. On top of that, they are a product that is much more popular among adult women than any other group.

Due to their price and uniqueness, this is a doll that you should never give to a toddler. That doesn’t mean kids can’t play with it. Still, you have to teach them some responsibility and discipline before you allow them to play with one.

But before I get too much ahead of myself, let’s slow down a bit and see what reborn baby dolls are.

History of reborns

Reborns are highly popular among collectors due to their unique appearance. In fact, there shouldn’t be two reborn dolls that are completely the same.

First ones were created during the 1930s and at first, it took a while for this new trend to be accepted. Enthusiasts (that became known as reborn artists somewhere along the line) would take manufactured dolls and add details to them. They would add fingernails, paint the doll once again, add hair and other small imperfection.

The point of this process was to make dolls more lifelike. As the time went by and technology progressed, the similarities to real babies became even more visible.

The industry caught on to this trend somewhere along the way. Companies that produced dolls now started employing reborn artists to help them with particular models. Reborn kits were produced to make the whole process much easier for enthusiasts. There is also a big market for accessories and tools.

Unfortunately, even though some manufacturers started investing more into reborns, the trend never became mainstream. Some department stores tried selling these products to no avail. Due to their resemblance to real dolls, customers felt uncomfortable around them and they were pulled.

Reborn dolls can be found online, through numerous online shops like Reborn-Dolls-For-Sale.com. Collectors are prepared to pay lots of money to have top-tier doll in their collection. Best pieces go for thousands and thousands of dollars!

How are they being made?

The process of reborning is taking approximately a week.

During this time, the artist will do several things will doll parts including washing, painting, heating, adding various details, accessories, clothes and so on. Given the big number of small details and imperfections that are added during the process, each doll should be unique (furthermore, this is the best way to differentiate regular dolls from these hand-made pieces).

The basis for the dolls is either soft vinyl or silicone; each one with its advantages and flaws. Eyes can be bought individually as well as hair. Clothes are another thing that contributes to the general uniqueness.

You don’t have to have the tools as they come with a kit. As long as you have a room to yourself you will be able to create a doll. I suggest you watch this video for starters..

When it comes to dolls produced by the big doll companies, doll enthusiasts don’t regard them as “reborns” as they are made in bulk. However, they are still of a high quality and people like them nevertheless.

My opinion

Reborn baby dolls may seem strange to some people. Truth be told, their realistic appearance can be unnerving.

Still, like most other collectible items, other people don’t have to “get it” as long as you like collecting these dolls. Reborns seem to have a positive impact on people and they can prove to be very relaxing.