3 Tips For Camping With Kids


3 Tips For Camping With Kids

Camping with your kids is a great way to spend quality time with the family. The amount of time kids spend in front of a screen has doubled since 1995 to roughly 6.5 hours a day, according to the Connected Kids Report. Camping gets them out of the house and keeps them active. But having a successful camping trip with kids can be tricky as well. Here are three quick tips to help you get organized and enjoy your time away.

1. Be Prepared for Game Time

While children might enjoy the swimming, hiking and outdoor activities available to them, you never know what the weather could be or even their mood. It's always a good idea to come prepared with some entertainment to ensure that nobody gets bored or irritated. You could try some classics like a frisbee, or hacky sack or curl up in the evening around the campfire with board games and cards.
If you're really passionate about giving them the true camp experience, why not create some DIY games like knot-tying or campfire stories. Being outdoors and away from computers, phones, and even friends, means that you have to try and keep the kids occupied while still showing them the enjoyment of camping.

2. Utilize DIY Hacks To Stay Clean and Organized

Whether you're inside or outside, it's no secret that kids are messy. Add dirt and dust, and irregular showers to the mix, and you may have yourself a fiasco. Here are a few ways to stay clean and organized:
Hanging clothes organizers: Either quickly sew one together or buy a ready-made hanging clothes organizer so that you can hang and view your clothes throughout your trip. Not only does it mean no missing items, but you can also have a separate bag for dirties so they are clearly separated.
- Pack everything in clear tubs: Get a few big, clear boxes and pack all your items in there so they're easily visible and accessible.
- Have a "get clean" station: If your campsite doesn't have a shower area, create a place where kids can wash themselves off, wipe off with baby wipes or rub some hand sanitizer on.
- Protect yourself from bugs: Make your own fly repellent by filling a jar with some water and smelly substance like apple cider vinegar, or be regular about applying bug spray. You can also get a fly shooter that avoids splattering and has great range.

3. Keep The Kids Busy By Making Them Contribute

A great way to get kids involved and excited about the outdoors is to make them feel important by contributing to practical activities. Camping involves a lot of tasks to get food on the table, have a place to sleep and stay safe, so why not get your kids to help out? Assign them tasks like collecting firewood, setting up the tent, pumping water and hanging animal traps if necessary. Not only will it keep them occupied but they will learn a lot about nature too.

Taking the kids on a camping trip is a great idea as long as it's done with ample preparation.


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