The stories from Joplin are pulling on my heart!

There are a ton of stories emerging from the tornado in Joplin.  Some are amazing survival stories and others are incredibly sad.

I was just watching a video on about a husband who sacrificed himself to save his wife.  It hit me so hard because I know I have a husband who would do the exact same thing!  I am blessed to have a brave man and so was this lady.

Here is the link to the video

The wife appears to be very strong and able to talk to this reporter.

I am sure there will be more and more stories that will touch us all.


Pamela said…
We attended an International Student Convention this week and one young man opened up to me. He had just found out that his mother's home was completely gone. I continue to pray for him and for the trauma facing life again will bring.
Kelly L said…
It is very sad indeed!
Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
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