First 3D movie... Kung Fu Panda 2

Last night the family and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  I was daring to bring Titus who is only 2 months old but we were blessed and he slept through the whole thing.  :) 

My husband has been looking forward to this movie so we all went.  It was a first for me and my daughter to watch a 3D movie.  Selah kept her glasses on the whole time and she looked super cute!

The movie was adorable and fun but for my 3.5 year old there were a few scary parts but she seemed just fine through it all.  She covered her eyes once but it was only for a couple seconds and was right back to watching.  So we discussed it all at the end and she seemed just fine.  It was rated PG and she is usually just a G rating watcher.  

I enjoyed the funny parts of the movie and thankful that it was clean humor.  It seems that more and more kid movies are adding part of adult humor and I find it distasteful!  KEEP it CLEAN since it is a kid movie so I was very happy Kung Fu Panda was clean.  

When the movie started and I put the glasses on I started to feel nauseous but thankfully within the first 15 minutes I got used it and was able to enjoy it.  Not sure if I will be going to many 3D movies since the price of the ticket was $12 rather then the $8.50!!!  Movies are expensive enough but then to add a few bucks for 3D is not really worth it in my mind.  I find it hard to pay the normal price.  I am such a deal finder and cheapskate that I almost cant enjoy the theater because I think oh we could easily have waited for this to come out on DVD.  I did see my daughter reach out as if she wanted to touch or grab something and that was cute. 

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie


Kelly L said…
My girls thought the first one was pretty funny
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Kiddothings said…
I loved this movie. We watched it just 5 days ago. It made me cry when Mommy panda had to leave baby panda. Heart wrenching.

Totally agree with you about the usage of adult humour.
Dalton Wordlaw said…
I also saw KP2 with my son. It was nice - sweet, charming, and ridiculously funny. Jack Black delivers the good stuff, as expected. I do, however, agree that some humor in cartoons are more mature, like in Finding Nemo and Monster Inc. Overall, I'll give it 4/5. We really enjoyed it.

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