My Lil Ballet Dancer!

My 3.5 year old did an amazing job at her 2 recital's yesterday!  A LOT FOR A 3 year old.  I was so happy she did a great job!  She was super cute trying to stay on her "X" on the floor where her spot was. I think as a mom I enjoyed it so much because she had a smile on her face and was enjoying dancing.  When we got home from the busy day I think I was more exahusted then her as she was asking to do another recital.  So the sweet daddy that she has put in a cd for her to give us one last dance for the night.  It was a special night!  I AM ONE LUCKY MOM!

Here are a few pictures that I will treasure!
Pretty girl in the mirror

After the dance they say and sign their bible verse... my daughter is the first one on the left!  There verse was Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you always... my daughter has that verse down great!  
 Family picture:  Nana Bethann (Anthony's mom), Papa Barney (my dad) and myself and Anthony.
 Family picture!  (my hair got all icky from the rain)  


Holly said…
She is precious!!
Spanish Pinay said…
She downright cute! :) Oh the perks of being a mom :)
Unknown said…
How cute. My son had his recital this weekend too!
LaToya... hope you put pics up of your boy... going to go see now!

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