Church on Saturday night!

Today was our last Sunday morning service as our church transitions to Saturday Night church next weekend.  I am excited for this change.  Praying it goes smoothly.

Do any of you go to Saturday Night church? We will be doing church at 7pm.

I love going out of the "normal" and trying something new to reach more people!


Bethe77 said…
I have gone to Saturday evening church. It especailly works well for me in the Summer time. Or when Id liek to do other things on a Sunday. It is anice switch up.
I think you and your family will do fine.
Holly said…
I sometimes go to Mass on Saturdays. If I have something going on Sunday mornings it's a nice option. I have to say that I prefer Sundays, for some reason it just feels better. Good luck with your new schedule--I hope you enjoy it!
Miss Janet said…
Love it, love it, love it! Thinking outside of the box is so awesome!

Our church doesn't have Sat. night YET. Maybe someday. There is a mega church nearby that we go to and they do have Sat. night.

LOVE it!

Unknown said…
We used to go to Mass on Saturday evenings (530pm) and it was a no go... Too crazy for little ones when dinner is coming up. Then, once you are home and everyone is fed, it is pure chaos to get everyone ready for bed. Maybe if there is a nursery or a Sunday school type of thing for the kiddos during that service, it may work out. Good luck, girl!
We have children's church and service does not start till 7pm so dinner will already be finished.

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