Baby schedule???

I have not been big on trying to get my almost 8 week old on a schedule but I think it is time to start thinking about it.  The last few nights Titus has been waking up and staying up for at least an hour if not close to 2 hours!  :(  It is always at the worst time too somewhere between 2-4 am... that is when I would really like to sleep!!!  For instance last night he woke up at about 2:30 ate a little bit then was up till about  4:00.  I would try to just lay him down and he did not cry but fuss  n whine.  I gave him his pacifier but he kept losing it.  Eventually I brought him in bed with me and he fell asleep.

Any advice?   This mama wants her zzzzzz's!


Unknown said…
Oh man… those first months were tough! We followed the book Babywise. It really helped us get on a schedule during the day which led to a great sleep schedule too:)
Unknown said…
oh girl. im right there with ya. my 5 week old...i thought i could beat the system, right? he's been waking up at 1230 or 1am for a feeding every night for the past 2 weeks. so i figured id just stay up til then and then get my sleep since he would stay sleeping again til 530 or 6am. oh no. my little stinker decided that he would wake at 1230 as normal.

then again at 230

then again at 330

then again at 430

seriously?! finally my hubby came to save me and let me get a bit of rest.

oh i do not miss these first few months. i have a 20 month old and it was hard, but now he is bigger. now im back to square one.

ugh - praying for us both, girl! love your blog, by the way!!
Savannah said…
My little guy is the same age as yours, 8 weeks today...right now his "schedule" seems to be, awake most of the morning, asleep a good chunk of the afternoon, waking to eat and look around a bit then dozing off...then i try to keep him awake from about 5:30 or 6 until about 9-9:30...he tends to eat a lot then, and is pretty consistent the last 2 weeks at going to bed before 10, then waking only to eat at night 2-3 first I'd have to give him a bath in the evening to keep him awake, now he's a bit better..don't know if it's his age or if it's getting to be habit for him though..sometimes he can be cranky a good part of the evening if he still wants to sleep..but i'd rather a cranky baby in the evening then at 2am!
Last night was much better... lots of prayer before bed and he woke up 3 times to eat but he went back to bed peacfully! :) And my daughter did not come and wake me up till 8:15! WHOO HOO!!

I did request the Babywise book at the library!
No idea how to get the schedule down but if you figure it out, please post it!! My little guy is due in July and I had NO LUCK with my daughter on scheduling. Hopefully you'll get into one soon!!