Diaper blow out...

I was at an appointment this morning and little man had a very icky diaper blow out!  I went to the bathroom to change him and realized as I was digging in the diaper bag I forgot to take newborn clothes out and put the 0-3 clothes in.  OOPS and not only that I forgot to put some extra bags in to put the icky clothes in.  DARN!

So what do you keep in your diaper bag?


Changing pad
Diaper cream
Hand sanitizer
Tide to go
Extra bags for dirty clothes
Nursing Cover
Burp rags
and soon a few little toys n books
Wallet-when I have the diaper bag I don't carry a purse


Unknown said…
oh no! that is no good! though, i dont even have an extra set of clothes in mine now...adding that to my checklist. just make sure the contents that are supposed to be in your wallet are actually there. i had a horrible moment at target yesterday...wow.

Oh, I have been there! I am lucky to be beginning the diaper bag simplicity stage: diapers, wipes, snacks, and a drink.
Just blog hopping, new follower! I did the same thing on Mother's day! Had newborn outfit in diaper bag and lil fella is now in 3-6 month size...haha ended up bringing him home from church in just his diaper. :)

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