Redemption Creations Review

About Redemption Creations:
Redemption Creations, Inc. seeks to be the foremost brand of stylish and contemporary religious-themed home accents and lifestyle accessories that donates 10% of each month's pre-tax profit to a religious institution which helps the poor and needy of its community.
Our customers’ limitless desire to affirm their faith and passion for spirituality was the seed that led Redemption Creations to make religious-based objects of beauty and purpose. These quality products are crafted with admiration for present-day trends in style and design, the utmost attention to detail, and the desire to make regular reminders of God's love.
Passion is the driving force behind any great brand. Redemption Creations is passionate about supporting religious institutions actively serving those less fortunate. To bolster funds for desperately needed services, Redemption Creations will allocate 10% of each month’s pre-tax profit to one such program.
Institutions supporting the needy in their local communities with homeless shelters, care centers, AA programs, and the like, are encouraged to visit our site and submit an online application to receive a month's 10% allocation of Redemption Creations’ pre-tax profit to use towards their charitable efforts.
Ultimately, Redemption Creations, Inc. strives to create beautiful and useful items that display our customers' everlasting faith AND help religious institutions serve their local communities.

My Review:
A huge thank-you to Redemption Creations finding me and sending me a product to conduct a review.  I was NOT paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

From phone covers to apparel Redemption Creations will show case your faith.  I selected the "Blessed" shirt from their store because I truly am blessed and I like pink.  :) 

Thanksgiving is 2 days away and I know my thankful list is ever growing.  Papa God has taken such good care of my family and I that I am in awe of his plans and blessings he gives me.  

The shirt is a very soft cotton and the colors are nice and bright.  I have washed my shirt a few times and the colors look brand new with no fading.  

I have had a few comments on my shirt which has opened up new doors of communication for me to share my faith.  :)  My shirt is not screaming "Jesus Freak" but it is a enough to have a couple people ask how I have been blessed.  A small word can go a long way, BLESSED!  I will continue to wear my blessed teacher and pray God will create some more divine appointments to bring Him glory.  

Not only does Redemption Creations produce beautiful products for purchase but they take 10% of the sales and donate to many charities.  You can even fill out a form right now to be considered for a donation.  Donating to many charities is definitely being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Redemption Creations would make a great gift!  Go start shopping!