Hooler the Handheld Cooler- Review and Giveaway

About the Hooler:
The housing of the Hooler is made of an inner and outer shell, each composed of polypropylene. The shells are welded together to maximize insulation and eliminate sweat. Being double insulated prevents the transfer of heat from the sun and your hand to your drink.
The functionality of the Hooler is simple. Add ice and cold water into the cup, place your beverage directly into the ice and water, then seal the ring around your beverage. Adding enough cold water to completely submerge your drink is encouraged. If there is water above the seal after you close it, just dump the excess water before opening your drink. 


The seal is made of durable silicone that allows the Hooler to function with most cans and bottles. As you twist the ring into the threads of the Hooler, the seal compresses around your beverage, creating a leak free housing unit for your

The merit of the Hooler, aside from being durable, easy-to-use, and fun, is that it truly works. We are confident in the product that we have created and hope you'll soon be keeping your drink cooler with a Hooler! 

                           ICE COLD IN 3...2...1...
Hooler Coolers are the only handheld coolers on the market. They are simple to use and work with most standard size cans and bottles, including tall boys. Unlike other beverage holders, the Hooler is the only product that actively works to keep your drink ice cold by harnessing the power of two simple components that have been proven since the dawn of time: ice and water. 

My Review:
Thank you Hooler for sending me product to conduct my review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

The Hooler does exactly what it says it does.  Once you fit your beverage in the Hooler you simply tighten it in and enjoy.  I let my soda sit for awhile to allow the ice to melt because I thought it would leak.  I am happy to report there was ZERO leakage!  

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