Shark- Sh sh sh sound

Since I work at the YMCA in the mini care we sometimes to little fun lesson crafts!  :) We did this cute shark thing so Selah decided our letter this week should be "S" and also since her name starts with the letter "S."  We are also working on the "sh" sound since we are doing shark but also we will do "S".     We should have a few more "S" things to share later this week.  :) 

For this activity we read "Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea" and we already had these 5 cute sharks so I handed them out to my little helpers.  The book has some fun motions that the kids could use their shark and act out.  

Before we read the story we sang the song "Slippery Fish."  Here are the lyrics:
(make a fish with hands together)Slippery fish, slippery fish swimming in the water
Slippery fish, slippery fish,
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
 It was eaten by a...

 (move hands around like you have 8 tentacles)Octopus,  Octopus, swimming in the water
Octopus, Octopus,
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
It was eaten by a...

(move hands side to side)Tuna Fish, tuna fish swimming in the water
Tuna fish, tuna fish, 
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
It was eaten by a... 

(put hand on forehead like a shark fin) Great White Shark, Great White Shark swimming in the water
Great white shark, great white shark
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
It was eaten by a...

(push hands up over head like water spouting out of a whale)  Humongous Whale, Humongous whale swimming in the water
Humongous whale, humongous whale
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
It was eaten by a...BURP!  

To make this shark all you need is an envelope.  Lick the envelope closed, cut one end across so your hand can be the puppet and then cut a triangle and use the triangle for the fin.  Allow them to glue on the fin, color, draw an eye, teeth, and gills. :) Then allow them to act out the story or just be a shark.  :)


Unknown said…
What a cute idea! My kids would like that one!
fun! great way to get kids engaged and active with the letter & sounds! Definitely makes it memorable!

Hope to see you share on the Sunday Showcase!


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