Hopeless Parents

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

I love my parents. They are wonderful people and I am lucky to have them as parents. However, when it comes to anything regarding modern technology, they are hopeless. My mother called me once to tell me the computer was broken. She proceeded to tell me the screen was black and none of the buttons were working. When I asked if she had turned it on, her response was “you have to turn it on”. This at least gives you an idea of how clueless they are. Well, last week their satellite went out or so they thought. Now, I am not an expert satellite technician, but by listening to my mom describe the problem it was a simple fix. She told me the lights on the box were not working and the power button was not either. To be honest, I was impressed that she tried the power button. I asked her if it was plugged in and she told me yes immediately. When I finally talked her into checking, the problem was fixed. Apparently she unplugged it to vacuum and never plugged it back. Sometimes I wonder if she will ever learn and accept technology.


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