Guest Post: Is a Baby Sleeping Bag Ideal? | A Simple Review

Many babies prefer to be nestled in close to mommy during the infant months. It can be very tiring on the arms to have to hold the baby for hours on end.

In order to keep baby comfortable, content and quiet, trying a baby sleeping bag might just do the trick.

What you want to look at are the size, security and fabric used to construct the sleeping bag. 
If you have a fussy baby that wakes easily during transfers and you wish to make it seamless, this is the right concoction for you. 

What is a Baby Sleeping Bag?
A baby sleeping bag, also called a nap sack, is a lightweight, zippered piece of clothing. It gently fits over baby to make him or her feel secure while sleeping. Some options have straps attached that can come off to carry baby wherever you go.

The soft material, which you can read about if you click here, is comforting, soothing and calming for fussy babies. It emulates the feeling of a soft quilt or knitted blanket. When transferring baby from yourself to the crib or car seat, he or she is unlikely to wake.

Ease of Use
Even if your young one is fast asleep, slipping on a baby sleeping bag is a piece of cake. Most will not wake during this process. It is ideal to lay the sleeping bag out first, then lay baby on top of it. Gently put their arms and legs through and zip it up.

Some do not offer leg holes as they are more open-ended. These are even easier to put on if baby is sleeping. 

Calming Factors
Several calming factors are associated with the use of a baby nap sack. Some of those include:

Feeling secure
Soft material
Added warmth
The ability to still move freely

Even if you are not planning to travel outside of the home, a fussy baby is easily calmed by wrapping them up in a nap sack. These should not be used overnight as the baby is likely to become dependent on the item.

Use this during the day, while you are out and about or taking a trip in the car.

The convenience factor of using a nap sack or baby sleeping bag is something that some moms will see as a luxury. However, busy moms will find this to be a saving grace. 

Babysitters, nervous dads and older siblings can all use this to help calm baby when mom needs to take a short break. There is also no need to worry about spills or drool as these are machine washable.

Consider these factors when seeking out options to help calm fussy babies or help babies to fall asleep faster. These nap sacks have been found to be quite helpful, especially when baby is feeling a little under the weather.

When the baby grows into an adult, pass their nap sack down to them for use with their own children. It will be an item that brings back memories and has a lot of stories to share behind it.