2014 Selfie

Do you have the confidence to take a selfie and post it on social media?   

This year I turned 30 so I might not fit in the trends with the teens and young 20's but I was determined to try to take a selfie and post it on social media.   

There is always that vulnerability I have with putting a close up picture of myself out there but after a dozen or so pics I finally picked this one and put it on instagram and facebook.   

It's so easy to take your phone is times of boredom and take some pictures but the dreaded selfies were and far and few between... I mean I have kids to take pictures of! 

So what is really behind a selfie?   Some say it's bad as it shows selfishness, others say it creates drama.

More than 31 million Instagram photos have been hashtagged #slefie!!!  Another shocking stat 91% of teens have posted a selfie of themselves online. 

Wowzers... that is a ton!!  So I myself took several shots before finally liking the above image enough to share it on social media.   I did have control though I could have deleted it instead!   

So what is your take on the Selfie?  Good?  Bad?  Self Esteem Building?  Jealousy enduing?   

So let me know- have you shared a selfie lately?