Making Friends After A Big Move

Well, it has been 10 months since we moved out of Wisconsin into Iowa!   10 months that has gone extremely fast!   My kids have both made some new friends and my daughter loves her new school.   

Moving can be frightening for kids so here are some easy to do steps:

1. Make sure you only speak about the move with excitement and keep it positive!  (hopefully this is naturally the case)

2.  Tell them as soon as you know so they have time to adjust to the idea. 

3.  Let them be involved with the entire process-looking for a place to live- timeline for move- packing up!   

4. Plan a time/date/party for your kids to say good bye to friends.   Exchange information to stay in touch. 

5. Once you arrive have fun exploring your new area!   Take one day a week to go and find a new adventure- be a tourist in your new hometown and surrounding areas.  

6.  Visit and tour the school as soon as possible.

7.  PRAY through it all!