Summer Road Trip- Day 3

Day 3- Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

Brother-Jason, me, Sister-Kelly

This bridge is ranked the #2 romantic spot in the Minneapolis area.   My brother took his wedding pictures here and while there I saw a couple photographers doing engagements photos!  

I love the city in the background of these pictures.  First we walked the entire bridge taking pictures, seeing big fish below, seeing the water Dam falls, and at the end got some shaved ice for the kiddos! 

The temperatures were super humid so we were sweaty! 

Sister in Law-Kelly and I

After walking the bridge we went on a trail and waded in the water.   The bridge we walked is in the background.   It is a great path for walking or biking.  I have many more pictures I could have shown of the family but I will save them for a later day to post them when I am missing family.  :)
Brother- Jason, Me, Dad-Barney, and sister-Kelly

After our hot and humid walk here we met up with my mom's side of the family for dinner at Pizza Ranch!   I wish I had taken some pictures of my aunts and cousins but I never got my camera out. 

Day 4 of the trip was our last day.   We were so busy the first couple days that we stayed in town and went to my cousins house to swim in her pool.   I didn't take pictures there either.   

Vacations go quickly but we had a wonderful time and many memories were made.