Summer Road Trip Day 2

Day 2
Minnihaha Falls-  Minnesota

It was a great day to explore a new park for me.  I grew up only an hour from this park so it is sad to say this was my first time there.   

The waterfall is beautiful and the trails are fun with roughly 10 bridges to cross over.  Most of the trails were easy with only a couple spots that increased in danger.  

I enjoyed many of the stone bridges!  There was even a spot to wade in the water after crossing one bridge.  

The park has a splash pad, two different kids parks, a restaurant, "Sea Salt" and rentals for different bikes.  There was also some gardens, historical houses, and some art statues.  

My kids loved the splash pad and I loved the trails and waterfall.   I would have loved to rent one of the bicycles but since we did not see them till later it was too late in the day to rent one.  

We had a picnic so I can't say if the "Sea Salt" restaurant is tasty but the smells were good as I walked by.