Kool-Aid Egg dying

A big thank-you to Hey! Jen-Renee for giving me this idea for doing our Easter Eggs.  :)  I would have never even considered dying my eggs with Kool-Aid but let me tell you it is easy and it works.  :)  I also got a great idea off Pinterest by using the muffin tin to do the dying.  It made for easy clean up which is always a bonus!  :) 

Use one Kool-Aid packet with 2 cups water and then dunk your hard boiled eggs.  :)  I only used 4 packets but we did dunk in several colors and had fun with it.  


PlainVanillaMom said…
Stopping by via Imagination Tree. We used food coloring this year. I forgot I wanted to try kool-aid. These look great. I bet that it was fun!