Keeping Toddlers Busy with Baby Food Caps

If you are looking to reuse some of the items you may have around the house then look no further.  This fine motor activity is sure to keep those toddlers busy and entertained for a little while.  

I used baby food jar caps and wrote letters on each cap for other letter work with my preschooler but when my toddler showed such an interest in them I found a tupperware container cut a hole and then allowed him to put the caps in the hole.  

Who knew that this activity would provide me 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time!  Yes, these boys both played with this for 30 minutes!  They were also stacking the caps but they had fun putting them in, taking them out, and did a pretty descent job of turn taking! 

I know most of you have similar things laying around your house so get get started on making this for your toddler.