Fast Food Fun

Help your student hone her sorting and categorizing abilities with this French fry-themed activity! This data sorting practice is a great way to help your child to develop her math skills. Plus, this activity can also easily be modified to help with various academic subjects. Now, let's start this "fast food" lesson!

What You Need:

  • Three French fry containers
  • Yellow popsicle sticks
  • Markers
  • Index cards (3 per round or activity)
  • Scotch Tape

What To Do:

  1. With your student, write down the names of as many different animals that you can on the yellow Popsicle sticks. Remember to write only one on each stick.
  2. On three different index cards, write down three different attributes. For example, “has a tail,” “swims in the ocean,” and “starts with the letter T”.
  3. Tape each card to the front of a fry container.
  4. Have your student sort through the animals using the different attributes. Each fry that applies goes into one of the fry boxes.
  5. Discussion: Which animals fit in more than one container? What other categories can you name?


  • Use different kinds of objects. Don’t restrict the activity to animals.
  • Make it about English: use random words and label the boxes “noun,” “verb,” and “adjective.” Are there words that can go into more than one container?
  • Make it about math: prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, etc.


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