3-D Rainbow Craft

I love the look of these 3-D rainbows which are perfect for St. Patrick's Day or talking about Noah and the flood.  

I pre-cut the stripes of paper or my little guy but older kids can work on cutting.  I also helped my kids with the fold at each end but they enjoyed gluing them on their paper.  

This activity is easy to adapt to the age level needed!  Another fun touch is add some cotton balls for clouds, that added touch really completed the project. 

My daughter did not care about the saying ROY G BIV, she did her rainbow the way she wanted and my toddler he did not put them in a straight line which created a very neat effect, his looks super cool!  

These projects will make great center pieces for the next week!  :) 


Petula said…
That is seriously cool and cute! You're right about your toddler's rainbow, it does give it a neat effect. In fact, I thought it was purposeful. LOL...

Silly me, I forgot all about ROY G BIV. I don't homeschool, but we still do projects, worksheets, workbooks, etc. or anything I can think of for fun and learning.

Great post.