Yes I still make my husband...

KILL spiders when I see them.  Yesterday I spotted a dandy long legs and told my hubby to come kill it. He came it and did it but first made fun when he noticed it was just a dandy long legs.  Then a couple hours later I spotted another spider but this time it was a really icky one!!!!  So I had to get my hubby again to kill it.  

YES, I am that girl that hates spiders!!!  I am THANKFUL my hubby will come in and kill them!  Actually I am more thankful that he was home so he could do and I didn't have


Unknown said…
Yey for husbands that kill spiders!
Unknown said…
That is so funny because it is the other way around in my marriage! A couple years ago there was a HUGE spider in our house and my husband was too scared to get by it so I had to put something over it and then stomp it. Anyone scared of spiders would have freaked!
Kim Reyes said…
I'm guilty of the same thing. Lol :D

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