Have you heard of the program "Pregnancy without Pounds"

So you all know that I had a baby 4 months ago.  I was able to drop the baby weight within the first couple weeks but I am still needing to firm up now 4 months later.  I step on the scale and the number reads the same as pre baby...Yay, but one thing I still feel fat.  Breastfeeding has helped me loose the weight but at the same time I feel hungry all the time and struggle with the self control to say no to treats.

I have been doing some research and came across this product called "Pregnancy without Pounds."   I wish I would have been able to get this book when I was pregnant!  Click the above link to read more about it.    The first thing I read was "Did you know that over 50% of pregnant women feel fat, unattractive and don’t enjoy their pregnancy?"  Ummm...yes I was one of those women who felt fat and very unattractive.  Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed my belly bump and on occasion I did feel very beautiful even that big.

From their website:

Pregnancy Without Poundssplat

coveWho said staying in shape and looking good during pregnancy has to be HARD?
This proven program will get you through your pregnancy in better shape than most other women in as little as 27 minutes a day and with minimal effort. It contains all the information that I believe will HELP you to look and feel like I did – barefoot and beautiful!
Inside you will learn EXACTLY how to avoid unwanted pounds, overcome your food cravings, care for your skin, dress to kill and look like one Hot Mama. I’ve also put together FIFTY simple, yet extremely effective "pregnancy-friendly" exercises and stretches to keep you and your body looking and feeling GREAT (includes 3 different fitness programs depending on YOUR fitness level)!
So what is in her book:
• How to avoid gaining weight in all the WRONG places… Hint - it’s in the body type and Yes you can do something about it……pg.04  

• Which specific core strengthening exercises will make your labor easier……pg.38

• How to speed up your post-partum weight loss (easily!)……pg.08

• 10 steps to stop the cellulite invasion ……pg.66

• What to eat to reduce food cravingspuffy face and varicose veins……pg.44

• 10 Tips for fighting pregnancy acne……pg.64

• A key dietary supplement that WILL reduce your appetite, elevate your mood and decrease your cravings (this one is HUGE!)……pg.54

• 5 proven ways to PREVENT sagging breasts……pg.69

So now that I am not pregnant I wish I would have the chance to read this book and look at her 3 different fitness programs to fit my energy level for the day!  I also would have loved to read the decrease your cravings and core strength training for easier labor.  

I went to the gym today but I was not consistent during my pregnancy and now it feels like such a huge chore to do.  I was using a food journal for awhile too but then I just stopped.  Maybe I should blog my food journal so everyone can keep me accountable.  :) LOL

So who out there is pregnant??  You should defiantly buy this ebook...it comes with 2 other books and some other helpful charts and info that look helpful too! Go visit Pregnancy without Pounds to learn more about it or order your copy.  I told the hubby to get me the post pregnancy kit!  :) 


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