Trampoline=Fun Exercise!

We went to one of our teens from Fuse birthday parties this evening.  They had a trampoline so my daughter got to enjoy jumping on it and me too, you know I'm a big kid!  :)  I was ready to kick the kids out and jump by my self to get a better workout cause it was so so much fun.  I loved it!  :) 

We left the party and in the car Selah asked her dad if we could get a trampoline!  :)  It was adorable.  I  wish we could but we live in an apartment, so no outside toys that cant be brought back in. 


Olivia said…
Aloha from Hawaii!!! Dropping by via the blog hop. Hope you have an amazing weekend!!! :) -
Kisha said…
I just bought a mini trampoline at a yard sale for my four-year-old daughter, because she loves to jump. It's the kind meant for exercise, so I wouldn't trust just every kid to jump the "right" way and not be a daredevil, but with a few rules--the main one being that she can't jump on it unless an adult is in the room--she's enjoying it a lot. But the best part was that I jumped on it for less than five minutes the other day and then was sore for three days afterwards--thus proving the concept. I'm planning on turning it into my very own exercise program.... and it can probably slide under the bed if I really want to hide it.

I just happened upon your blog from...somewhere, can't remember where. But, we just came inside from doing the fizzy sidewalk chalk. I'd have rather done the spray chalk, but I only had one spray bottle. :) Lots of fun!