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Jehovah Ori- The Lord is my LIGHT!

I had the opportunity last night to give a message at youth group while my hubby was away.  :)  This was my first time taking the lead and it went fantastic!  :)  Worship was great!!  I did not tell the worship team what I would be sharing about but the songs they picked lined up with my message perfectly!!!  :)  Also during worship I had one boy come up for prayer and was shocked when everything he mentioned he needed for prayer was exactly what my message was going to cover!  GOD YOU CONTINUALLY AMAZE ME!!   I love how things like that happen.  After the message we played a fun game and then we had some ICE CREAM!  :)   It was a fantastic night.

So what was my message about???  GOD OF COURSE!  LOL  Here are my notes!  I think they are pretty clear notes!  :) Wish I would have video taped it and then I could have just posted the video...that would have been fun.  :) Oh well, next time I guess.  :)

So my message tonight actually is coming from my personal devotional time.  

Jehovah- We all know that means God or Lord, but many times we hear Jehovah ________.  
  Can anyone name a few of them?  
Jehovah Jirah- God  provider
Jehovah Rohi- God is my Shpherd
Jehovah Shalom- God of Peace
      Jehovah Nissi- Lord is my Banner(My victory)
Jehovah Rapha- God Restores or makes better, or to repair.  

I want to focus on one of these characteristics of God:

Who knows what it means?

Psalm 27:1- The Lord is my Light and my salvation: whom shall I fear?   The lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 

Jehovah Ori- The Lord is my light
Before translation Light was Ori- Ori is Hebrew for Light.

So if God is my Lord of Light what does Light mean??

I want to look at 3 significances for LIGHT and shed a RAY of LIGHT on JEHOVAH -ORI…lol

1st light offers Protection!
-Story about Amy not turning her lights on.
-Notice the fear that is created when light is gone?  Storm comes and the lights go out.

Light=Protection- GOD WILL Protect us=NO MORE FEAR
Psalm 41:2 The Lord will Protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes.
Psalm 121:7 The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.    

2nd light offers is Inspiration!
Light is associated with Inspiration…think about it.  When someone has a really great idea u speak of the light bulb going on with that great idea. God gives us many ideas he presses desires in our heart.  God gives us inspiration to make a difference.  How many of you were obedient to the Holy spirits leading??  
-story of inspiration…

3rd Light offers Direction!  
(Blind fold someone)-mini exercise
   Have you ever played a group game where one person is blind folded and another person is yelling out directions for you to go.  With your eyes blindfolded you don’t see the light you are hearing everyones directions but your partners so imagine life without God’s direction you would be listening to what the world wants you to do.  Go to college, go to work, don’t do this, do that, wear this, say this, have sex, drink this, get married, dont get married, etc etc… but when you take the blind fold off and see God’s light his direction is amazing. 
Psalm 119: 105 Your WORD is a Lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.  

SO ARE YOU IN GOD’S WORD-GETTING DIRECTION FOR YOUR LIFE??  Are you letting the world tell you??

WILL you allow God to be your LIGHT- your protector, inspiration and follow his directions?  

If you feel like you have not allowed  God to be your LIGHT to be your protector, inspiration, or give you direction I want you to find a spot in the room and pray.  Talk to him open up and be real but don't do all the talking... LISTEN TO HIM!  Learn his voice!

I know it is hard to just read through someone else's notes but I think many of you can get some stuff out of that nugget.  :) 

Praise GOD for being my LIGHT!  I know I need his direction, protection, and inspiration!  :) 



Unknown said…
This was such a good reminder of who God is.
laura said…
So good! So glad you got to share this with the youth! And it was really helpful to me. My sons name is Uriah which means God is Light. Uriah was a protector... One of David's mighty men. But I never quite got the connection between the 2. Gives me some great things to pray and look for in little Uriah. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a fun night!
Laura- your sons name is very neat! :) HOW COOL!

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