Practicing numbers with Hopscotch

It was another hot and humid day.  Majority of the day was spent being lazy and staying indoors but when the sun started to set it cooled down a bit and we headed out on the patio to enjoy some fresh air.  My hubby has the whole week off so today started our "staycation."   We started the "staycation" with some good ole chalky fun!

First I made a hopscotch for my daughter and we had a lot of fun reviewing numbers and then hoping on one leg then both legs.  I was reinforcing which leg was her right and her left.  Lots of good little lessons were added to our outside fun today.

Then daddy's artsy side kicked in and he drew a nice picture.

Then Selah and I drew a butterfly together.  :) 


jellybelly said…
It's so nice to see a child playing outdoors. Nowadays most children prefer to stay indoors with their PSPs and computer games. Visiting from Hopalong Friday bloghop!

The Twerp and I
Unknown said…
Awh, look like so perfect warm summer fun! Thanks for the follow, I am already a follower of yours! Have a great day :)
Amy said…
Looks like you guys are having a great time. Have fun on your staycation!
Pam said…
That is so much fun. I love it when learning is educational as well.
ChinaDoll said…
aawww....I'm reminiscing right now...I remember playing this with my younger sister! ♥

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