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Guest Post: How to Grill Your Meat without it Losing Flavor

I am ignoring the fact that the ground hog saw his shadow and we are expecting 6 more weeks of winter.  NO WAY!!  I am so over winter, BRING on spring!   With spring truly around the corner I felt this guest post would be great as we prepare our grills!

Keeping meat flavorful as it grills is often a challenge. There are a few tricks that you can use to help you 

maintain flavorful, juicy meat. You may find a few helpful tools to apply rubs, marinades and keep meat 

from losing its natural juices by browsing Some of the tools used for cheese preparation can 

also be used for meats, such as a muddler for tenderizing and a bottle opener that has a flat, wide end, 

for pounding meats out to be a little thinner. 

Use a Marinade

A rub or marinade is the key to adding flavor to meat before it is ready to grill. You can also use an 

injector to add additional flavor into the meat. It is best to apply the marinade when the meat is fresh 

out of the refrigerator. Marinades should not be applied to items that are still frozen as they will rinse 

away as the item thaws and releases some of its juices. 

Wet marinades should include bold flavors such as fresh garlic, Dijon mustard, brown sugar or apple 

cider. This helps the other herbs and spices to penetrate the meat better. For larger cuts, wait until 

the item is close to room temperature before applying the marinade as the tissue within the meat has 

relaxed and is more capable of absorbing flavor. 

Wrap the Meat While Marinating

Use plastic wrap to wrap up the meat while it marinates. The process should take 2 – 4 hours for the 

flavors to penetrate throughout the meat. If you have a very thin knife, a few punctures of the surface 

will help it to get into the fat, tissues and main part of the piece of meat. Place the wrapped meat in 

the refrigerator for the marinade to get the best effects. Before grilling, remove the item from the 

refrigerator and allow it to come up to room temperature again. 

Do Not Over Flip the Meat

Make sure that the grill has been properly pre-heated before placing meat on it. Room temperature 

meat will sear better and cooks evenly. Over flipping can cause natural juices to leave the product. It is 

best to allow one side to cook, and only flip it once. This helps to lock in the flavor from the meat itself 

and the marinade or rub applied to it. 

Let the Meat Rest before Serving

This is a very important step in the grilling process. Depending on the size and cut of the meat product, it 

should be allowed to sit and rest for 15 minutes after being taken off of the grill. This allows the natural 

juices and flavors used on the meat to redistribute. When items are cut into before they have had a 

proper resting period, any flavor that the juices were able to be infused with is discharged from the item 

as well as any moisture that it had. The resting process should take place off of the heat but away from 

the cold or moving air so that the meat does not chill too much before serving.

If you use these helpful tips, flavorful meat can be grilled every time to perfection. These steps are 

important to follow for the best and most flavorful results. If you are not good with identifying meat 

temperatures by feel, purchase a meat thermometer to gauge the doneness of the item. This can also 

help to save meats from being overcooked, which even after the resting period will still be tough. It 

is ideal to marinate pork with an apple cider or mustard product as it helps to tenderize the internal 

connective tissue.


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