Best Romantic Comedies for Valentine’s Day

Even if you don’t currently have a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re keeping it light and sweet, you can’t go wrong with celebrating by watching some romantic comedies together. Create a spread of the best Valentine’s snacks – chocolate kisses, red wine, strawberries, heart-shaped cookies – and watch a few of the best films ever to entertain and inspire. They don’t have to be films with deep meaning and life-changing truth. Some of the best romantic movies ever made are light-hearted and happy.

Here are a few favorites:

When Harry Met Sally
It may seem obvious, but When Harry Met Sally is such an enduring, classic film that it’s still a must-see around Valentine’s Day. Excellent writing, great acting, a believable plot, and unforgettable characters make this film a classic. The scenes with elderly couples sharing their stories are just one of the things that make this film unique, entertaining, and unforgettable. Check Time Warner Cable to see if this enduring movie is available to stream in your own home.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Loosely based on the Austen classic Pride and Prejudice,Bridget Jones’s Diary is a film set in modern-day London, following the life of protagonist Bridget Jones as she meets a new year with resolutions to improve her self. She chronicles her resolutions in a diary. From friendship to getting older to heartbreak to love, this film is sure to make any viewer laugh and cheer on Bridget in her plight to have the life she wants. Colin Firth plays Mark Darcy, Bridget’s childhood friend who she meets again later in life. Check Time Warner Internet for this film’s availability. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Though classified as a romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s strong dramatic plot, but you’ll more-than-likely fall in love with the film’s protagonist, the dynamic Holly Golightly. Played by Audrey Hepburn in her most iconic role, Golightly takes New Yorkby storm with her style, high-society parties, many loves, and cat without a name. This beautiful, sexy film is one you won’t forget as it explores the life of a charming, entertaining woman who has also known great tragedy.