Doll Clothes Superstore Review

We might not have an American Girl doll yet but my daughter still has several baby dolls that she loves playing with.  One fun activity for any girl is to match clothes with their doll.  

My daughter was happy when we opened the packaged and she saw it was matching girl doll clothes.  She immediately asked to try her outfit on and soon found her doll.  This set is advertised as American Girl Doll Clothes, but truly if you are like me and have not put that doll on your budget don't worry these outfits will probably fit your doll too.  My daughter has taken this matching outfit and put it on a couple other dolls of hers as well.  

Doll Clothes Superstore has a wide variety of doll clothes and several matching girl and doll clothes to browse through.   Make sure you use this coupon code, "praisesofdcs" to recieve 10% off your order!