Date Night at Comedy Sports

When was your last date night?  I mean a date that was out of the ordinary?  (Not just going on to eat or the usual date nights you do)   

I am feeling loved and blessed after a wonderful evening with my man.   We have not had a date like this in awhile!  
It started last week when I said we needed a date night and my hubby said he would do all the planning.  :) :) :)   I was very excited and my many delivered an amazing night.   

I got home from work on Friday to a spotless house and he already purchased tickets to Comedy Sports.   Check your area if you have one since they have locations all over the United States.  We were in Rock Island and I know they have one in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis area also.  

Not going to lie I did not know what kind of comedy we were about to go to and I was a little nervous it was going to get nasty but my husband assured me the show we were going to was advertised for ages 8 to 80!  

I am thrilled to report that it was a very family friendly environment! There were kids in the audience and it was not stand up comedy but improv and I love improv!!!  

Before the Sports Comedy we ate dinner at Panera and following the show we went and got some yummy pie.  
I hope you will take some time planning and investing in your marriages over the next couple weeks.   I have the challenge now to surprise my husband with and unexpected date night.  


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