Lily Girl Music Box

First Precious Moments- the Lily Girl Music Box 

I remember growing up I had a friend who had so many Precious Moments collectibles.   It is safe to say I was a bit jealous as I didn't have any.  I might have been a bit more excited than my daughter when I had her open it up but she was just as excited when the music started to play.  

This week my daughter got one of her own!  The above "Lily Girl Music Box" is so precious.   She already has a couple musical snow globes and figurines so this one goes with her collection really well.  She played the song several times while cleaning her room last night.  :) 

The new Precious Moment figurine is adorable with the bright green color and the sweet music it plays.  This sweet gift would be such a nice surprise in any Easter basket... who needs all that sugar anyway.  Go get your own Precious Moment's for your child and give them something that will last a lifetime and not just a couple hours with candy!

Go shop now and see all the beautiful options that Precious Moments has for you or your child!  

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