Happy 61st Birthday in Heaven Mom

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom!!!

Sometimes it's a challenge to try to make these events loving and fun but when you have a dear friend buy you a cookie cake and lights a candle the next thing you know is your misty eyed and thankful. 

Thankful for friends who understand the grief and sadness. 

Thankful for a family that will do whatever I tell them when I talk about my mom or their grandma.

Thankful for sweet memories that pop in my head as our birthdays roll around or whenever.

Thankful that I know without a doubt that she is with her loving savior!

Thankful everytime my kids want me to tell a story about her.

Thankful that I can cry with my kids in a way that they understand that it is tear of love and missing her.

Thankful for my family who always encourages and helps keep her memory fresh in all our minds. 

Thankful to a God who gave me my mom for 18 great years here on earth but eager to see her again in heaven.  

I love you Mom!