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Supporting your brain and its functions—memory, learning, focus, etc—along with regulating your emotions, can play a major role in your optimal health. Now you can do just that with the all-natural, easy to take nootrpoic Brain & Mood Boost.

A Nootropic is defined as a dietary supplement that helps promote the enhancement of certain brain functions, such as memory, focus, cognition and the facilitation of learning. The origin of the name is Greek meaning affecting the mind (noos 'mind' + tropic 'affecting').

Whether you need improved focus for work, emotional clarity for life’s little joys, improved memory recall for study and learning, or more concentration to reach your goals, try Brain & Mood Boost to see what it can do to enhance your life.

Formulated with earth-grown nutrients, amino acids and more, Brain & Mood Boost is designed to defend against cognitive decline and support the clarity you need every day.

Ginkgo Biloba
One of the oldest living tree species, Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow and acts as an antioxidant. Widely touted as the “brain herb”, studies have found that ginkgo helps improve overal memory, thinking, and short-term working memory processing in normal adults. 4
St. John's Wort
Multiple studies have found St. John’s Wort to be helpful for cases of mild-to-moderate depression, and with issues related to PMS and menopause. This botanical boasts antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral properties that date back to ancient Greece. 5
Research shows that Vinpocetine has cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects. It may help support brain functions such as concentration and memory by activating cerebral metabolism. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory. 6
Bacopa Monnieri
Used for centuries in Ayurevedic medicine, this botanical is shown to have cognitive enhancing effects, improved working memory performance and accuracy. Also, plays a role in sustained attention and decision making. 7

My Review:
Thanks, Color Earth for sending me a free sample of this in exchange for an honest review. How many of you feel the need to take a supplement to have better clarity?  I have been taking this pill for about a month now and to be honest, I really don't know if it is helping me or not.   I still have spacey moments and sometimes feel overwhelmed at work and not sure what to do first.  

I think that is normal but I can't say I have seen a big improvement by taking this but it is challenging to know for sure.  I think if I took them for a longer period of time I might have a better understanding.   A thirty-day trial makes it hard to know for sure.   I do believe that this product can and will help those who truly need it.  The ingredients are great and natural.  

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