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3 Reasons It’s Important To Listen To Your Child

 As your children are growing up, they’ll say all kinds of things, and not all of it is going to make sense - but that doesn’t mean that the things they’re saying aren’t important. They don’t know much, so they couldn’t tell you anything new - but there’s a lot more to their words than what they’re saying. It’s the reason they’re talking to you, and practicing speech, or even just saying things that they’re thinking about. They’re working on their communication skills every day, and that’s something you should encourage.



If you don’t often listen to what your children are saying, it could start to affect how they feel and how much they say. When you don’t listen to your children, they’ll think that what they’re saying isn’t important and that there’s not too much point in telling you about what they’re thinking. Try to make sure you’re taking the time to give them your undivided attention from time to time, and it can really boost their confidence. You don’t want them growing up and feeling like their thoughts and opinions aren’t important overall.

A lack of confidence when communicating can make it difficult for your children to develop social skills, which can make growing up quite complicated. Show them that you care about what they have to say, and encourage them to speak up about things from time to time. They’re going to need those social skills to help them all throughout their life, and if they’re late to learn them; it can make a huge negative impact.

Alternatively, if you do make a point of listening to your children, but tend to judge them based on their actions or thoughts - you might think again. Your children are still developing and learning, and it’s important to make an effort not to judge them. They’re curious, they don’t always know what is right or wrong, and they’ll have a hard time properly coming out with their thoughts. If you don’t understand why they said, though, or did something, ask about it rather than shut it down immediately.

Identifying problems

Children don’t know too much about what should and shouldn’t be, and if you’re not listening to them, there could be problems going under the radar. It’s not often something big or alarming, but they could be feeling pains that just aren’t normal or healthy. If your child is expressing that they’re feeling pains that they don’t feel are normal, you should go for a checkup with a doctor or a pediatric chiropractor to make sure everything is okay. Ignoring these kinds of talks can lead to problems with physical development, making adult life more difficult for your children.

Feeling understood

Going through life and feeling like others don’t understand you can be a very heavy and difficult emotion to deal with, and it’s best that your children don’t have to feel that when they’re young. Show them that they can be understood, even if it means having to explain themselves further.


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