Lakeshore's Let's Play School Review

Raise your hand if you played school as a child?   Like many of you my hand is up and ironically I am a teacher!  My 7 year old daughter has been playing school almost daily since we got this play school toy from Lakeshore Learning.   My 3 year old son tends to be the student most of the time and I think my daughter is actually doing a good job and helping him learn many things!  

The Let's Play School Kit sell's for $49.99 and includes over 65 pieces including the chalkboard, pointer, name tags, stampers, and much much more! 

My daughter is a first grader and loves teaching her brother his numbers and letters.  The stamps and fidgets seem to keep her little brother playing with her.   It amazes me how patient they both are with each other.  My favorite part of watching them is when they stand up to do The Pledge of Allegiance.  I highly value this and makes me proud that my daughters school values it and say it daily!     

Overall this school set is getting good play out of it.   The only thing I would change is turning the chalk board into a dry erase board but I think my daughter prefers the chalk but I would rather not have chalk dust all over.  

Get your 20% off Lakeshore Coupon HERE!  This will make a great Christmas present and still promote learning! 

Thanks Lakeshore for sending me the Let's Play School set in exchange for an honest review.   I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.