Happy First Decade!

Happy Birthday, Selah!!!

I am that parent that is in denial.  Denial because I don't know how I have a 10-year-old!   Selah is a great young lady but I am not ready for those tween and teenage years quite yet.   Thankfully she still likes her dolls and playing like a kid!   Even though last Sunday she came out wearing a dress, makeup (needed a lot of touch up, and my high heels (yes they pretty much fit her) claiming she was going to church that way.  

Dear Sweet Selah,
I love being your mom!  Even though we have had some disagreements lately and I'm sure more will come I am still your best and biggest fan in life!  I love watching you play basketball and run!  I love watching you play your ukelele and sing!  I know you are going to continue to surprise us with all your gifts and talents.  

I am excited about your party... and thank you for being understanding that we couldn't do it until later in October.    

As you turn ten and continue to get older remember to stay young, have fun, get silly!   Remember that God has really big plans for you!  Don't be shy to let others see Christ in you!  Love others the best way you can! 

Love you,


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