Amazing ways to attract dog’s attention

When you check internet videos you can see people being able to clearly communicate with their pet. They would issue an order and dog would instantly obey. However, this process doesn’t come overnight.

In order for a dog to even listen to you, its first necessary to attract its attention. This might seem like a problem given that dog’s find it very hard to understand your commands.

In this article, I will talk about attention training, little tricks that allow you to retain dog’s focus for a long time and how to do all of that with a smile.

Let’s get to it!

Dog attention training basics

Like with any other dog training, it is best if you start doing it when dog is still a puppy.

All these skills are best adopted at early stages of dog’s development; if you wait for time to pass it will become hard.

Unfortunately, this is the biggest issue at the same time.

Given that you will start your training at a very early age, this means that dog will be really young and as such, very curious and energetic. It will take a while until it’s able to sit still in a place as your pet will likely run amok most of the time.

Still, trainings are important at this age as they become habitual actions.

Another thing that most owners get wrong is that dog’s need to be trained with discipline but love. Punishment of any kind can be counterproductive and should be avoided at any cost. Instead, you need to wait for a dog to “get it”.

But the things aren’t as gloomy as they might seem at the first glance.

Let’s check the best method for dog attention training!

How is the training performed?

Basically, you need to start by calling out dog’s name.

This initial step is good for two things: it will attract dog’s attention and it will learn to respond to its name. Have in mind that you can add another command such as “here” or “pay attention” but calling the dog by its name should be sufficient.

First of all, you need to set up the right environment.

Two of you need to be alone in the room without any distractions. Nevertheless, it is likely that the dog’s eyes will be wandering around. You need to call him out several times until it looks at you.

When he does, give him a treat. This is important stimuli that will work in future teaching the dog that there is a reward for being obedient.

If you wish for a dog to look at you for a longer time, you can start doing things with your hands and making faces. You need to be entertaining in order to keep attention.

Have in mind that dog will not look in your direction forever. Sooner than later his eyes will wander. When this happens call him out again and give him a treat (again). This way dog will slowly learn to be more attentive and will dedicate time to you.

Repeat this several times a week until pet develops a routine.

Advanced training

During advanced training, you will teach your dog how to continue looking at you no matter what.

During this step, you will need a distraction which may come in a form of its favorite toy or something else.

A dog will naturally try to reach it. You need to prevent this by cover it in some way. When the dog stops searching for it, remove your foot or hand from the toy and again, call out the dog. You need to come to a situation where the dog is in the same room with you, while there are various distractions around you, and is still able to focus on your words.

Benefits of attention training

Attention training itself is not that important. But it sets up the basis for any following training that may come after. As such, it needs to be done properly and at the right time.

Do not try any other training before you teach your dog this. With these simple tips, you should be able to do just that!

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