6 Years! Happy Anniversary- LOVE MY HUBBY!!!

Some reason's why I am so in love with my man:

1. He makes me laugh- he is so goofy at times and it cracks me up! 

2. He is helpful/team player/caring/loving/genuine-  No matter what I need help with he is always there!

 3. He is an amazing FATHER!  It is joy on my face as I watch him interact/play/and parent our kids!  :)  

4. He knows how to cook!!!  He makes the best food ever!!!!!  (This is our Anniversary present...awesome grill)  :) 

5-11. He loves me, he helped me make 2 wonderful babies, he is a man of God, he preaches the WORD, he provides for this family, he is handsome/good looking, and most importantly he encourages me to be better!  :) 

I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!!!   So blessed by you and so excited to see where God leads us over the years!  :) :)  



Thanks babe, I love you.

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