15 Month's Old

I am a little late posting my lil man's 15 month picture but better late then never!  :)  It continues to be a joy being this boys mama.  He keeps me on my toes all the time!  If I have not already said it BOYS ARE VERY DIFFERENT from girls!  (well, at least in my kids)

Titus is starting to talk a bit more which is fun.  He is working on learning to say Kiah our dog and Se-Se for his sister.

Teeth are still slowly coming in and I am ready for them to be in as Titus can get so whiny when getting teeth...more then I remember with Selah.

Titus seems to enjoy playing with the dog.  He will pet her and throw balls to her.  I really enjoy watching the interactions between the two.  :) Titus is a big eater, but at the same time he throws a lot of food and sneaks a lot of food to Kiah.  SNEAKY!   One thing I hope he does not grow out of is cuddles, I love love love his hugs and kisses and morning cuddles!  :)

Dear Titus,
Mommy loves you so much!  I adore watching you play, but I love getting on the floor and exploring things with you.  You remind me so much of daddy...you are persistent and so curious on how things work.  (Daddy's mom and dad told me stories of daddy and it really makes me think you are following in his footsteps.)  Mommy has to take you to the specialist because your iron is low... so we are praying you are healthy and not anemic!

xoxoxoxoxxo  LOVE Mommy