Bachelorette Party- The Good Clean Fun way!

Well the evening must start with food so we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant and had us some grub.  :)  Following the meal we headed to the Maid of Honor's house and changed our clothes so we could have fun with a outside scavenger hunt and a hike up a beautiful mountain. Then the maid of honor gave us adorable bandanna's to wear that said Bride and Bridesmaid on them.  :)  The Maid of  Honor did a great job at getting creative with a neat scavenger hunt.  We had to find items around her house that the Bride and Groom could use on their honeymoon.  

They are doing a camping honeymoon so all the items we had to find would be related to camping.  Next came the even more fun part.  We went on an awesome and beautiful hike.  The views were awesome and best news, I did not freak out from fear of falling.  (Long story short I freaked out on my hubby while dating when we were hiking) 
The view:

More fun in the woods, hiking!

Once the sun had set and we were down the mountain we headed back to the Maid of Honor's house and enjoyed some cake, then the bride opened some gifts that were a lil "risky."  :) 

I thought it was a perfect night of fun with the ladies!  :) 


OnEaglesWings said…
That is an awesome way to have a bachelorette party. It is refreshing to see the creative ideas for these parties. I love them. I wonder if anyone else has any other ideas out there for a clean bachelorette party.