Father's Day Gift: Picto Review

Did you read my review before Father's Day explaining the Picto program at poloppo.com?  READ IT HERE

So what did Dad think of his gift?  He loved it, but I think his daughter loved giving it to him more.  :) 

I was very pleased with the mug.  The design that my daughter and I created was printed twice on them mug.  It matched the inside color very well so that is a bonus.  :) The mugs are all dishwasher safe so that makes it easier to purchase when you know hand washing is not in the future.  :) 

The reason I really love this mug is because my daughter was able to create it with the picto app here:  http://poloppo.com/picto.  There are so many different ways to create your own masterpiece on the picto app.  I imagine most children could be occupied for a long time playing and create.  

So go have some fun and create...make sure you share with your kids.  :)