6 year Anniversary Recap

I had a fantastic day with my man celebrating our 6 years of married life.  Time has really gone fast!  

We had two dates so it was an extra special day for us.  :) 

First we went out to a new buffet in town.  I was not impressed with it so I doubt we will go back.  :(  

We thought we were going to go for a hike but then we found a mini golf place that we thought had closed down but it was open!!  :)  It was really nice too!  :) We played 18 holes and I went first... I GOT A HOLE IN ONE!!!  What a way to start the game! :) Not only a hole in one on hole one but I got another one on hole 5!!!  :)  WHOO HOO... it was a great game even though the hubby still beat me...only because on one hole I got frustrated and ended it with 9 strokes.  OOPS! 

What are some Anniversary dates you have had??  :) 


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