New shoes! :

It was that time of year when the outlet store has a HUGE sale!!  :)  This is the time every year I buy my new pair of running shoes.  :)

Last year I got the Reebok Run Tone shoes and this year I found these awesome blue and yellow K-Swiss shoes.

Guess how much I spent??

Come on guess...

These shoes are regularly $70 and I got them for $20!  AHHH I love saving money and I absolutely adore these new shoes.

I am changing up my workout routine for summer.  Instead of going to my favorite classes which I will miss I am going to try bootcamp class at 6 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  It know it is crazy early but if I do not do that then I am taking so much of my children's summer away from them by putting them in mini care for me to workout later mornings.  My class will be there come fall/winter and maybe every couple weeks I will show up.  :)


supermomplace said…
That's awesome! although Im not much into running shoes lol I got the same pair for the past 3 years they still pretty but I love shoes bargain! I recently found a pair or hot pink heels that were 120 for a whooping $35!
I was like FAVOR! Jesus sure does know how to make a girl happy LOL
happy running :)
OnEaglesWings said…
I personally may have been turned off by the color of the shoes, BUT in thinking about what I may have done in the same situation, the bargain price would have made me love the color scheme of the shoes. It is highly likely that I would have taken the shoes home for such a great price. Kudos, April, for a great find.
I love that I have been getting an education in saving money with coupons and keeping a better eye out for bargains.
I love the colors! :) I had similar colors in my wedding too! :)

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