Still from our weekend at papa's

 After our big race we got cleaned up and then went down town for the parade.  :)  I love visiting my dad during the small town festival because it gives us something to do when visiting but I do believe that they have one of the better parades I have seen.  As silly as it sounds it is true.  

There is less political crap being tossed at us, it is fun to see all the other towns Queens court.  My daughter is in awe of the girls in their princess gowns and crowns.  :)  The bands are fun and they throw yummy candy not just cheap suckers and tootsie rolls.  :)

After the parade we went down to the rides, petting zoo, and yummy and really bad for you food.  :)  

We settled for some cotton candy, petting zoo and pony rides!

Titus sporting the sunglasses that were handed out at the parade.  :)